Hey guys! This weekend I was experiencing some technical difficulties with the website. I think I've got it fixed now! I'm so sorry to all of you who tried to visit me only to have the site not work. :( Sad panda! But I think everything is ok now. <3 you all!

We're back from TimeGate, and a wrap-up video is forthcoming. So are pictures! I have tweeted a few, so see them here. More to come of course. I met some wonderful people, and and am so glad we drove the 4 hours to Atlanta. We had an amazing time, and I'm more excited for Dragon*Con than ever before!!

Finally on our way to Timegate!!!
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I got a fantastic cut and color that I can't wait to show everyone! And also, my new Teefury shirt!!

This article provides some great insight into geeky friend groups! It's a really interesting read and you'll probably see yourself in it at least once! I sure did...


I love that someone has actually pointed all of these out. They are only subtly different from each other, but quite detrimental to both the 'carrier' and their friends in varying ways. I've experienced all of them at some point, whether in myself or someone I know. Read up!

Video Phone!

Since my computer is kaput, I'll be making videos on my phone for a while. :( But yay new vlog!!

Our group from MTAC 11!!
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