Which means I will be here until at least next October.

EMBED-Geek and Gamer Girls - Director's Cut - Watch more free videos

thought you guys might like it. Team Unicorn!

Finally got my shirt from teefury.com. i love it!!
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While I have been posting my videos here on Mary Lou Who, I have also been posting them on my youtube channel, MaryLouWhoBlog. At first, the idea was simply to have a place to host my videos. Since then, however, I have met a lot of really cool people on youtube. I have recently started working on a couple of projects with them. They are called collaborative channels, or channels on which more than one person posts. I post videos once a week on each one. I encourage you to check them out - the people I'm working with are really cool!

Around The World Vlogs Here, I post videos every Saturday pertaining to fandom and various subjects, entitled "Solidarity Saturday"
Five Days of Awesome Here, I post videos every Wednesday pertaining to that week's topic.


I look like Scully today in my trench coat and badge. X-Files FTW!
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