Which means I will be here until at least next October.

EMBED-Geek and Gamer Girls - Director's Cut - Watch more free videos

thought you guys might like it. Team Unicorn!

Finally got my shirt from teefury.com. i love it!!
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While I have been posting my videos here on Mary Lou Who, I have also been posting them on my youtube channel, MaryLouWhoBlog. At first, the idea was simply to have a place to host my videos. Since then, however, I have met a lot of really cool people on youtube. I have recently started working on a couple of projects with them. They are called collaborative channels, or channels on which more than one person posts. I post videos once a week on each one. I encourage you to check them out - the people I'm working with are really cool!

Around The World Vlogs Here, I post videos every Saturday pertaining to fandom and various subjects, entitled "Solidarity Saturday"
Five Days of Awesome Here, I post videos every Wednesday pertaining to that week's topic.


I look like Scully today in my trench coat and badge. X-Files FTW!
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Never posted an actual photo of this after all the updates. haha. Just me as the TARDIS!

Took this tonight after work. It was more beautiful than the picture shows!
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I never really liked Thanksgiving food...weird I know!
Happy Thanksgiving! :)

Doctor Who Day

The camera cut off a few of my words...I'm sorry!

Yes, I have a second job! Go me. :)


So...I'm thinking of participating in National Novel Writing Month.

I know it's already the first of November. I still have 45 minutes!!! :P

Are any of you participating? I have no idea what I'll write about, but I think it will be fun!

In school we would do some stream of consciousness stuff and writing exercises, and I always really enjoyed that. So I may do things of that nature, though they're not technically a novel. If nothing else I'll get faster at typing! Not that I need it with my 80 wpm...

(A misspent childhood on AOL Instant Messenger.)

I finally got a job you guys!!

Some of our adventures and a couple costume pictures!

Firefly Group!

Here we all are! Jayne was actually not someone who came with us, but a nice fellow we met at the convention! Thanks for being in our photos. :)
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I won first place in the Joss Whedon Pumpkin Carving Contest!

No, I did not create the design. I wish I had. I got it from PinkRaygun.com which has TONS of nerdy pumpkin patterns! I've actually been thinking about having a carving party, so let me know if you would be interested in that. Melissa and I had a great time reliving our childhood with a grown-up twist!
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We're finally here!! The completed dress and Melissa's too.

As of 2:42am on 10/22/10

The dress is complete! Finally! I have added the "Police Public Call Box" sign and hemmed the bottom of the dress. And it looks fab, if I do say so myself!
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As of 10:54pm on 10/21/10

I have added the pockets and the "Free for use of the Public" sign!
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As of 6:20pm on 10/21/10

I have added the windows! They are a little crooked and not quite how I wanted them to look, but satisfactory I think!
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As of 11:54pm on 10/20/10

I hemmed the collar tonight
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As of 3:33am 10/20/10

It took me three hours to put on a sleeve. This is not a quick enough pace! Worried.
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Currently visiting my college friend and sorority sister, Krystal, in Carbondale IL.
Also, a short convention update!

As of 10/19/2010 at 11:35 pm

I shall try to keep you appraised of my progress as I complete it!
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Hey all! Here's a bit of an update on my costume and some of the geeky stuff I've been up to recently.

If you've never seen the show, check out this brief video with a bit of info about it. I thought of doing my own, but as Charlie has already done it for me and said basically everything I was going to, why bother?

Check out charlieissocoollike's youtube channel!
He's the most subscribed user EVER in the UK.

Mary Kay

Anna Stevenson: agiles@marykay.com

Hey guys!! I'm sorry i haven't posted in a week and a half! Things have been a bit weird for me...but busy isn't an excuse I can use.

Just an entry about my life right now. It got a little whiny, and I'm sorry about that. I really didn't mean to whine, I was just kind of down at the time. But I'm feeling a bit better now! It all just sort of converged on me during this convo with my mom and I decided to blog about it.

They were tasty!
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Welcome everyone! Here's my introductory post for Mary Lou Who!

First Post!

Hi, all! If you're seeing this page, you're a couple days early. But that's okay! I'll officially start blogging (but mostly vlogging!) in a day or two as soon as blog setup is complete. For now, special thanks to Kirstin Long of Hello Kirsti, without her this blog would probably exist but would definitely be way less cool. So go check her out in the meantime! And don't forget all my sisters who blog at the Alpha Gamma Delta Blog Network!

Thanks for stopping by and don't keep me a secret!


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