Day 03 - Your Parents

Blah, I am a fail. I can't keep up with something for one day. My bad!

Time to talk a little about my parents. First off, I love them. And they raised me quite well, I think. I'm not a serial killer nor do I think Snooki is a good role model. I cry every time they leave and miss them like crazy. Though I think there are a few things I wish they'd done differently.

I started to write this whole thing about some things my parents could have changed. But it became so complicated and confusing I just got rid of it.

The only thing I can say, really, is that I wish they had instilled more self confidence in me. I wish I had talked to them about my lack of it. I wish we all had made a better effort to be close to each other.

But our relationship has been getting steadily better since I left for college. I'm finally getting to know them as people. I can only hope that I won't be afraid to let them do the same.


  1. Unknown said...

    I think this is a really endearing post. It's a big area for all people. And most of the time it is inexplianable. It's hard to define it much less criticise it (well openly anyway) so this is an amazing entry (even if it was stripped down) and shows a lot of self confidence to be able to post it.

    Goods posts in general by the way. I find them fun to read :-D  


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