Day 07 - Your Best Friend

Wow, a toughie! Not to mention personal. I have many friends, and several I suppose I would consider 'best' friends. I don't think I could name just one, because all are there for me in different parts of my life. If a best friend is the person you spend the most time with, I'd say Melissa or Ericka. If it's the person who's been there the most for you emotionally, I'd say Krystal or Alex. If it's the person you can be away from for years and feel like you never parted from when you finally do see each other, that's definitely Brianna, Carter, Kat, and Jess. But I think all of these things are important when choosing a best friend. Do you choose a best friend? I don't know. But I sure will have a lot of bridesmaids.


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