Nine days 'til Dragon*Con

That's right. NINE DAYS.
I am so not ready.

I might have been ready, but my parents suddenly decided to come into town this weekend. So my sewing time is basically cut in half.

I love them and want to see them, but gah!!!

So, I'm going to post my costume progress to help me keep track of what I still need to do. *hopefully* this will help, and not actually make me take more time....

Hopefully you're interested, too! :P

Most of the remaining work is on the Ceremonial Leia and Cersei costumes.

Cersei's underdress, corset, and overdress are constructed, but not hemmed. I also need to add boning and closures to the bodice. Pics soon, I hope. :)

The pieces for Leia's dress are cut and serged. I just need to do the actual construction, and hem everything. Hemming is such a bitch.

Basically, Leia's dress is three dresses in one. Which makes it so you can't see through the whole thing, but is also SUPER annoying.

Today I'm working on Leia's belt. I've tested four different silver spray paints on the leather, and I think I've chosen one. I have to wait for it all to finish drying, but I think I know which I'm going to use. So that's yay! But I still need to cut out all the metal plates, draft and cut the actual belt, and construct everything. Need to get my butt in gear!!!! Rawr.

Pics soon. I'll have to post them from my phone, so they'll be in smaller posts. But they'll be here soon.

Wish me luck!!!


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