Happy Captain Picard Day!

As an avid fan of Star Trek: The Next Generation and the creator of Tumblr's F*** Yeah, Captain Picard, I feel it is important to bring this day to your attention.

This is an actual holiday in the show! Awesome, right? Well here you go. Watch to the end for extra lols.

Here are a few awesome Captain Picard links. :)

This Captain Picard Day Blog has some fantastic fanart and neato Picard Day goodies.

A sweet Captain Picard game!

The Captain's Blog written by Jean-Luc.
If you're planning a party (which I will next time this falls on a weekend) you can play the rather extensive Star Trek: TNG Drinking Game!

I personally celebrate Captain Picard Day by wearing a Star Trek t-shirt, trolling the interwebs for new Captain Picard memes, and, of course, sitting down for an episode or two (or ten) of ST: TNG with a cup of tea, earl grey, hot.


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