Linky Wednesday!

Hey guys! I discovered some really cool websites today that I wanted to share.

Is this gonna be a thing? I dunno. Maybe I'll make it a thing.

The first is the Art of Manliness. This site is...exactly what it says! A guide for men to be the best men they can, and to woo the best lady they can. There are tips on everything from whittling to romancing. It's quite interesting and informative even to a woman. I recommend it to any man who's looking for that little extra "something." If you hear of something similar for ladies, please let me know!

The second two I discovered though Art of Manliness. Nerd Fitness is dedicated to helping people become better. More confident, more fit, more spiritually aware. They're about setting goals for yourself, and achieving them.  This, in itself, is nothing new. But Steve Kamb, creator of Nerd Fitness, relates it all to - guess what? - Nerds! He suggests thinking of your life as one big video game. Obviously it's a bit more in depth than that, but making a video game out of anything always makes it more fun!

Khan Academy is really cool. They've got videos, links, and all kinds of resources to help you learn stuff! It's a very cool resource, especially for those of us who have completed all of our forseeable formal education. I'm not sure where their name came from, but I'm pretending Star Trek had something to do with it.

Should this be a thing?


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