Blah, Post Fail

Wrote a post today, and realized it wasn't very interesting. So I deleted. But then I remembered that it's......


Whoo! How exciting is that?

Today, I'd like to do a shameless plug/introduce you to a sweet website. And what is Linky Wednesday for, if not introducing you to sweet websites?
Space Gypsies' slogan is "We Fangirl So You Don't Have To." Doesn't that sound a bit like what I do here at Mary Lou Who? Well, they thought so too! Space Gypsies has recently asked me to become a contributor to their site, doing convention coverage, reviews, and general fangirliness. I'm so excited to be a part of it! So go on over and check them out - I'll be posting soon!

Only one link today.....because I really want you to go to it! :P


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