Some of you who didn't know me in college might not know that I'm in a sorority. Yes, even geek girls can join sororities. I'm a member of Alpha Gamma Delta, and joining was probably the best decision I made in college. I was pretty shy my freshman year, and I likely wouldn't have left my dorm room a whole lot without Alpha Gam there to get me out of my shell. A lot of you might think of that as "buying your friends," and that's fine. All that means is you don't actually understand what dues are used for, and I will not address that argument here. While it's not a huge part of my life anymore, I still occasionally attend alumnae dinners and parties, and just two weeks ago had a beach day with some of my sisters. Greek life helped teach me how to party, too, not gonna lie, which has come in super handy now that I attend conventions regularly. I even had to teach a few of my geek friends how to play beer pong back in March. (I know, right?!) I served as Ritual Coordinator and Vice President Scholarship while at my university, and those positions taught me a lot about respect and leadership; lessons that still prove valuable today.

In two weeks I'll be attending Alpha Gam's International Convention in St. Louis. International Convention is held in a different location every two years, and alumnae and collegiate members of the fraternity come together for training and sisterhood. I've always wanted to go but because of money and scheduling have never before had the opportunity. I've been asked to be the soloist for all ritual events over the course of the weekend. While some of our ritual is secret, some isn't, and most of it involves music. The pieces are beautiful and heartfelt, and they really remind me of college friendships. I'm very excited and deeply honored to have the opportunity to not only sing these songs again, but to sing them for so many of my Alpha Gam sisters. It's going to be an amazing opportunity.

If you're in college now, or will be soon, I encourage you to consider making Greek Life part of your experience. It's not for everybody, and each campus has a different atmosphere, but you might be surprised. I'd never considered going Greek before university, and now I can't imagine my collegiate experience any other way.

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